DDS Dashboard

Also called the “HAT App”

The DDS dashboard provides a UI-friendly way to create and manage applications that integrate with the Dataswyft One ecosystem and offers:

  • A generic dashboard for all DDS owners

  • Open sourced, Mozilla licensed

  • White-labelled provision for “Citizen” Apps where Application owners must be a government body

  • Rumpel, the control centre for SSData

The EPSRC Smart Me vs Smart Things project created RUMPEL – the private dashboard for users’ SSDara, enabling DDS owners to view and manage their information, whilst providing a valuable case study for the viability of the DDS’s privacy-preserving data infrastructure. It is made available as an open-source programme, under Mozilla Public License. The Rumpel code was also contributed by the CONTRIVE/HALL project at the University of Surrey's Centre of the Digital Economy and the Service Systems Group, WMG, University of Warwick.

The full functionality of the DDS Dashboard (work in progress) is to enable DDS owners to use the dashboard to:

  • Customise exactly which parts of the profile are public or private

  • Visualise all the information in the DDS, including stats and notifications

  • Manage Data Plugs and track incoming data from various applications

  • View and search all locations from the point the DDS is connected to the locations Data Plug

The DDS dashboard is available to all DDS owners at their server URL.

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