Updating and Submitting an Application

Updating or submitting application

By clicking any application under the My apps section, you can see all the information about it and also edit the application under certain conditions.

Please note this image also showcases how its possible for two applications to have the same name
by having different application ids.

By clicking an application, it is possible to fill even more fields:

  • Application name – A human-readable name of the application; it can be the same with other applications

  • Application website – A URL where more information about the application can be found

  • Application description – A description of what the application offers to the users

  • Support email – An email through which users can ask for support if there is a problem with the application

  • Privacy policy URL – A URL where users can see the application's privacy policy

  • Terms and conditions URL – A URL where users can see the application's terms and conditions

  • Platforms – The platforms this application will support. Currently, we offer 3 options: web, iOS and android

  • Application namespace – The unique application namespace. This will define the domain

    under which the application will be able to read/write data. Must not contain spaces or special characters

  • Country – The country that this application is developed

  • Rating – A 3-lettered system indicating how the application uses the data

  • Logo – The logo of the application

  • Screenshots – The screenshots of the application

For each platform you will be asked to select 2 additional fields. More specifically:

  • Application link – A URL that helps users learn more about the application

  • Callback URI – A callback URI that will be used during authentication with the HAT

Please note that in order to submit an application for review, all of the fields must be filled.

Once the necessary changes have been made, clicking Save at the bottom right corner of the screen will save the changes without Submitting the application.

Submitting an application is possible by clicking the Submit button. Please note that any changes must be saved first in order to submit the application for review. After submitting the application for review, a new one will be created for test purposes. Please use that one from now one to make any further changes/updates to the application. By creating a second, separate, application we are ensuring that any changes made will not affect the current live application.

Pushing an update

After submitting the application, the application will lock and it will not be possible to make any more changes. Any changes from this point onward will have to be done in the test application. In order to submit a new version of the application, just submit the test application for review. The currently live one will be replaced by the new one once a manager approves your update.

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