Dataswyft APIs

Understand the Dataswyft API platform and its features.

Infrastructure Stack Overview

Dataswyft One's infrastructure comprise of legal, technological, economic and governance layers that orchestrate SSData within their decentralized data servers, protecting, safeguarding, guiding and instructing data-based operations and interactions.

We provide developers with infrastructure (compute, storage, database), APIs, and SDKs to easily build apps that are compliant with strict new privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, etc. This enables you to securely and legally transact on sensitive data.

Infrastructure Overview

Dataswyft APIs allows applications direct, consensual and transparent access to the server owner's SSData which are derived from the storage of an application's first-party data as well as synchronous import and updating of third-party data. This enables the storage, processing and sharing of SSData by server owners at scale and facilitates the movement and exchange of data between various different parties (users, first parties, second parties).

The above image demonstrates the primary value of the Dataswyft platform: the ability to store and share data with individuals, micro-firms or organizations as server owners, as the single source of truth, verified from first-party apps or third-party sources, with full data provenance.

With Dataswyft One, server owners get full ownership and control of their data, while developers get the APIs and tools they need to build scalable, data-rich applications with privacy and compliance built in.

We operate a fully managed platform for businesses to build on. You can, however, run your own decentralized data server. Our code is open-source on GitHub.

What is a PDA?

Data Accounts are created within and powered by the "HAT Microserver", a cloud-based Decentralized Data Server (DDS). They enable applications to collect, store, process, and use first-party data stored on the user's side, with contractual permission of the individual server owner, set up by Dataswyft.

Data Accounts for individuals hold personal information stored by the app and are called personal Data Accounts (PDA). Since they provide full ownership and legal rights to the data within, individuals can contract and license their data to other applications in real-time and on-demand. Dataswyft sets up contracts for the licensing of SSData and remunerate sources when their data is shared.

Our API platform allows you to integrate and offer PDAs.

You get authentication, file storage, per-user databases, and the option to ask the user to import third party data such as Open Banking via Data Plugs and the option to perform private serverless AI functions via an API.

Dataswyft also provides a RESTful API and Swift, JS, Kotlin SDKs to enable developers to easily build applications that integrate with the Dataswyft One platform.

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