Developers Portal

Signing up for developer dashboard.

With the Developers Portal we provide an easy way to create and manage your ”web3” application with a data wallet that is integrated with a personal Data Account (PDA). You are a legal ”tenant” of your customer’s Data Account (remember, this is a decentralized world!). The portal offers the following:

  • Creating a Data Account that can be used by your application to store data used by your application’s data wallet

  • Creating a testing account that can be used to interact with your application in sandbox mode

  • Creating a new application for the Data Account

  • Updating/editing an existing application

  • Submitting the application for review

  • Developing new features without affecting an already public application

  • Deleting/removing applications

  • Offering support to achieve all the above either by documentation/guides or by contacting us directly

Signing up with new PDA

We use our own infrastructure for identity and login so when you sign up as a developer, you will get your own Universal Data Server ID and a Data Account tenanted by our Developers Portal service. Account creation can be achieved by clicking Create account at the top right corner of the Developers Portal.

The fields required to create an account are:

  • first name– First name of the main developer

  • last name – Last name of the main developer

  • email – Email that will be used for this account. *It has to be a valid email, or else the account

    verification will fail*

  • PDA Name – A valid username. *Usernames have to start with a non-capital letter, be 4-21 characters long and must not contain special characters *

  • terms of service – For the account creation to continue, it's vital to agree to the terms of service

  • Company – Company name is optional and can be filled in at a later point

Please note that email and username must be unique and not used before to create a HAT/PDS, otherwise,
the process will fail. Also the company name must be unique within Developers portal.

After filling out the information needed, click Next to create a password for the new PDA. The password must achieve a strength rating of good or above; otherwise the process will not continue. You can find our password policy here.

In the next screen after clicking Next, the Developers Portal application will ask permissions to have access to the new PDA.

Finally, click Confirm to create the new PDA.

Signing up with existing PDA

Existing PDAs can also be used to log in. Just click Create account at the top right corner of the screen and then click the Already have a PDA? Start Here button.

Please note that only DAs are accepted at the moment.

Then enter the hat's username, eg for, enter myusername, and click Next. If the PDA has been found, the "enter your password" screen will be shown; if the PDA has not been found, an error message will be shown.

Whether signing up with an existing or a new PDA, an account verification will be needed via an email which is sent instantly after the successful registration.

Log in

To log in, click Log in at the top right corner of the screen.

Then enter the PDA's username, eg for, enter myusername, and click Next. If the PDA has been found, the password screen will show. Please enter the PDA's password. If the PDA has not been found, please contact us if you believe this is an error.


Once your email has been verified, a two-step onboarding process will start.

The first step contains information about the testing PDA that has been created and the password attached to it. A testing PDA is useful during and after the development of the application. It grants the ability to test the application in a separate PDA, rather than the main PDA that's been used to access the Developers Portal. This is to enforce a separation between the accounts that will be able to manage the application and the accounts that will be used to test the application.

The second step asks for information about the organization. It's an optional step and can be skipped, as the information can be filled in at a later point.

Create the application

You can create a new application with the blue Create button at the top right corner of the screen in the My Apps section.

A new window will appear with all the necessary information needed to create a new application:

  • Application name – A human-readable name of the application; could be the same with other applications

  • Application website – A URL where more information about the application can be found

  • Application id – A unique application identifier. Must not contain spaces or special characters

  • Application namespace – The unique application namespace. This will define the domain

    under which the application will be able to read/write data. Must not contain spaces or special characters

  • Country – The country where this application is developed

  • Platforms – The platforms this application will support. Currently, we offer 3 options: web, iOS and android.

For each platform you will be asked to select 2 additional fields. More specifically:

  • Application link – A URL that helps users learn more about the application

  • Callback URI – A callback URI that will be used during authentication with the PDA

Please note that the new application can take up to 30 minutes to be visible in tHPDA

Editing account information

The Accounts Settings section holds the basic information of the user/organisation. Only the following information can be edited at any time:

  • First name – Developers' first name, stored in the HAT

  • Last name – Developers' last name, stored in the HAT

  • Personal website – Developers' website, stored in the HAT

  • Company – Company name; this has to be unique

  • Country – Country in which the company is based

  • Company website – Company's website URL

  • Company logo – Company's logo

Other information provided in this section includes:

  • Partner Id – Your partner Id, automatically generated on sign up

  • Username – HAT username

  • HAT URL – The full URL of the HAT

  • Email – Email used when signing up

  • Password – Reset password option

Test account information

During sign up a test account is created. The test account credentials can be found under Test roles.

Please note that the test account will always be a account.

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