About Dataswyft

Learn what we do, how and why.

The What

Dataswyft is a data technology and network company. Our API platform is a digital infrastructure that enables the separation of data from the service of an app or website, and provide self sovereign data storage to its users/customers. This enables any app/website to have a data wallet, and their customers can be carriers of the app’/website’s data to partner apps/websites in a data ecosystem. The use of the app/website’s data or information in the ecosystem generates revenue which is shared back with the original app/website owner.

The How

Dataswyft APIs - our tech infrastructure brings a new way for building and deploying applications and running data-based operations for a privacy-focused, consensual, user-empowered internet. It solves the problems experienced by entities with the delays, costs and risks in data verification and transfers between users, applications and third-party partners. Dataswyft's platform mitigates the costs and risks associated with data storage: maintaining, updating, processing data [between internal and external systems] ”re-homing” data with customers as the focal hub. Further, the platform facilitates direct, secure, asynchronous communication at scale without any third-party involvement - vis-à-vis an intranet between you and your stakeholders, whether they be partners or customers.

The Why

The infrastructure exists because data sharing between centralized systems is cumbersome, unscalable and resulting in [unneeded] legal, economic and technical complexities.

Dataswyft's infrastructure exists simply to promote a better internet; to facilitate a new model of mitigating risk of security, compliance, mobility and digital interactions between various different parties (users, developers, entities) and to proliferate the rise of distributed, private, secure, consensual and co-operative data networks.

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