Learn about the method of storage in the Dataswyft One infrastructure.

The namespace identifies where the application will have read-and-write access. It is similar to a directory or folder in your operating system. All operating systems profile access to a base user folder in which users can read and write their data. Usually that folder has many subfolders, created by the operating system. Similarly, a namespace is the base folder for the application. The application has read and write access and is able to structure the data in subfolders.

Namespaces are integral to PDA-enabled applications as every application is required to specify one upon creation. During the application creation process, the application is given read-and-write permissions to the specified namespace. This allows the application developer to structure the data in a way that meets the particular business needs of the application. It also ensures data integrity in the PDA ecosystem. This integrity is maintained as applications read and write data into their own namespace, therefore eliminating the possibility of duplicates and enforcing applications to only write to their own namespace.

Please note that currently it is not possible to change the namespace once the application has been created.

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