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Fintech Case Study: OneZero-Me

Improve eligibility for insurances and loans with better personal data

We were looking to partner with a company to help develop a solution for consumers to privately share and get insights based on their data. We found Dataswyft to have the most advanced, production-ready solution. The Dataswyft team were very approachable and accommodating, making a genuine effort to ensure that their solution would work for our use-case.

We were also impressed by how driven they are by the vision of making ethical data mobility work, to the extent of structuring the organisation in a way that ensures that the commercial arm is governed by the HAT Community Foundation. We're looking forward greatly to growing and developing our products with PDA.


Individuals are all spending more and more time online - and what they do in the digital world is ever more reflective of who they are in the real world. Yet, if they make an application for an essential service, such as insurance, a loan or even a job, they are being assessed only by offline factors - their credit or employment history, where they happen to live, their past behaviours.


OneZero-me uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to safely and securely add a key missing factor: a unique, personal digital data. OneZero-me aim to bring greater financial opportunity and inclusion to people who can't currently access key services, as well as enabling more balanced and refined pricing for all.


The Onezero-Me Financial Passport promote Open Finance by leveraging Data Mobility and Ethical AI. With a Financial Passport, consumers can privately pool their essential documents and personal data into a Personal Data Account where their data can be transformed securely and privately into tools to make financial products more accessible – from self-sovereign identity to alternative credit and risk scores.

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